STEKK - Lock Block - Canon 5D MarkII


This STEKK - LockBlock is compatible with a Canon 5D Mark II

STEKK Lock Blocks will protect your camera from USB connection errors and physical damage caused by friction between the cable connector during tethered shooting. You can connect the STEKK LockBlock and (Tether Tools TetherPro)* USB cable together in one second and all your connection problems are history. **

*NOTE: All LockBlocks are designed to fit with: Tether Tools TetherPro cables available here in STEKK-online store.'

** Each available Lock-Block -model has an unique shape and connector placement. Each Lock Block is designed to fit seamless into the shape of the camera-bodies. 

*** All lock Blocks work according the same concept: It uses jack connectors to lock itself together with the USB cable firmly into the camera-body. To illustrate how every Lock Block is to being used the same Canon 5D MK IV images are also used with all availeble products

Suggestions cables compatible with this model:

- Standaard TetherPro  USB 2-0 to micro-b-5-pin 4,6M 

- TetherPro USB 3.0 to USB Female active extension cable 5M